KZQZ recording studioThe Rivertown Sound Quartet's Standard Show

(Warning: This program includes amazingly funny humor. If you want to be surprised by the eye watering funny jokes and bits when you see our show, STOP READING NOW!)

Show Time: about 30 minutes

1. "Hello, Mary Lou"

Bill: Hello... Rivertown Sound...etc ..we sing a variety of songs... Hope you enjoy them. Here's one from our home town:

2. "Meet Me In St. Louis"

DAN: We are members of the Barbershop Harmony Society...23,000 members... This is a Vaudeville song with lots of gimmicks, key changes...etc

3. "Bye, Bye, Blues"

Rvtn on American Queen stage

AARON: During our cruises on the Mississippi River on the American Queen Steamboat, this was the most requested song:

4. "Old Man River"

DAN:(Give a humorous Introduction:). Aaron is lead; Bill is tenor...But Paul from very small town of Festus, Missouri...
PAUL: There has been lots of progress in Festus... one way street, but you can't get back into town anymore; Two Yellow Pages in the phone book this year; All Night Diner stays open until 9:00 o'clock now; Church marquee on every corner... One says, "If you're through with sin, come on in".... But someone wrote in lipstick underneath, "If you're not through, call 772-5689!"

5. "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands"

DAN: I am a teacher and we have sung for my fine always ask the same question after we sing: "Don't you know any 'Real songs'?"... So we decided to learn a modern song. We went all the way from 1890 up to 1957! Here's a modern song.

6. "Duke Of Earl"/"The Book Of Love"

BILL: A great classic from the 1950's originally came from South Africa. Children would be afraid of lions, so....

7. "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Aaron on knee on American Queen

AARON: The Beach Boys had this big hit...

8. "Barbara Ann"

DAN: Only one of us can really remember the 1950's... Paul did they have TV in the 1950's? Paul says the screens were small. Bill pulls out his iPhone and says that screens are still small... Who was the great bass singer to inspire Paul? Howdy Doody? Tennessee Ernie Ford...

9. "16 Tons"

Bill: When we were singing valentines some years ago, I taught the guys my girlfriend's favorite song. We then surprised her with it... It worked! We were married six months later!! The quartet served as groomsmen... Here's that lucky song:

10. "Happy Together"

DAN: Our final song pays tribute to the people that allow us to enjoy our lives in such freedom... We will never forget them...

11. "God Bless the USA"

Some Other songs to use in show :

California Dreaming; “I Get Around”; "I'm Yours";  “Only You”; “In My Room”; “Rock Around The Clock”; “Sittin on Top of World”; “Love Me Tender”; “Fun, Fun, Fun”; “Yesterday”; “Hello, Mary Lou”; Moments to Remember; Only You; Sentimental Journey; Blue Moon; Lost In The 50’s; Sh-Boom; Blueberry Hill; Earth Angel; Silhouettes.  I Believe; Let There Be Peace; Lord's Prayer; Swing Low Sweet Chariot; Turn Your Radio On; You Raise Me Up; Spiritual Medley;

Happy Birthday; Lida Rose; Meet Me In St. Louis; Bring Him Home (from Les Miserables); Down By the Riverside; Darkness On The Delta; Waiting for the American Queen; All The Gold In California;  “America the Beautiful”; God Bless America; Yankee Doodle Dandy/Grand Old Flag;  Songs Like Daddy Used To Play;  Shenandoah; Roll Them Bones;  Good Old Summertime/Sweet Adeline; Melancholy Baby; Last Night Was the End of The World; Sweet 16;  Wait til The Sun Shines, Wait Til the Sun Shines, Nellie; Harrigan; Dixie; Over the Rainbow; Coney Island Baby; Darkness on Delta; Ain’t She Sweet; Ma, She's Makin' Eyes At Me.

Was all of this extremely funny and entertaining...? Well... you've gotta be there to fully appreciate it! Take our word for it, you'll enjoy our show when you get the chance to see it.

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